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Black Beach, California

Black Beach is for the seasoned professional as it has the most powerful breaks that come with strong currents, and are not advisable for beginners. Considered the best surfing spot on the mainland of the United States, it can host a number of expert surfers in every direction.

In addition, the winds do not affect the waves, so you can still have fun until late in the day giving you plenty of time to experience the best waves in the Western Hemisphere, but do avoid weekends as it can get too crowded.

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  1. DJ

    I just ran across you magazine. i like how easy it is to navigate. Nice to see a different take on surfing that is not all about pro surfing and centered Hawaii and Calif.
    As for Blacks. I have surfed there for more then 25 years. It is a very powerful wave when you have a good swell running. I will correct a few things here. One it is subject to winds and can get blown out like almost any spot. The other is on a small south swell with waist to shoulder high waves It is a fun wave that just about any surfer can enjoy. Over head blacks can be challenging. really big Blacks is something else. a thick powerful wave that has little mercy for those caught inside. You need to be a really strong paddler, sneaker sets are common. I could tell you tails of victory and Horrors of surfing Blacks. Some of those horrors involve just getting up and down the trail to the beach. Parking can be a problem car break ins are common. There are Rattle Snakes in the Canyon that sometimes like to sun themselves on the trail. Wet sloppy sections of the trail. that if you slip could be a 100 foot tumble over Cactus. Lets not forget that is is crowded on the really good days as the University of California San Diego is right above Blacks. Even with all that I would still say for the Traveling surfer it is a worth while stop. Surf Blacks then head south to Baja Mexico.

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