New wavegarden ?

The BBC are reporting that a Wavegarden has been proposed for Edinburgh, Scotland. The wave pool race for space has hit a bit of a plateau with only the Surf Snowdonia Wavegarden really operating commercially. NLand in Texas just opened and then closed due to problems with the lining.
The boffins at Wavegarden HQ have apparently devised a new system that works in a baseball diamond shaped lake without the imposing central pontoon. We’re yet to see a working model but pumping ocean style waves every 8 to 10 seconds is rumoured and near ready to be shown to the world.
Kelly’s pool looks great but as to whether it can be rolled out worldwide and deal with the reset time issue remains to be seen. Also Waveloch’s version, mooted for the long awaited Bristol development, is apparently near ready … but the years are ticking on. Then of course there’s the Webber version lauded as being best ever. But remains unbuilt.
Which is the main issue. These developments cost millions and need to recoup the cost. It’s also baby steps with every new installation providing lessons for next time. Local support seems positive unlike a development planned for Perth, the Australian one, not the Scottish one.

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