Dane Reynolds broke back at Pipeline

Last week Dane Reynolds took a nasty wipe out at backdoor, after which he popped up with a fractured vertebrae.

In the instagram video post, we can see Reynolds elevator drop straight onto the reef in what was an extremely hollow and thick wave.

There’s no report on how bad the fracture is from Dane’s camp yet, and with breaks of this nature the severity can make the difference between a month or a year out of the surf, and we are all very much hoping it’s the former (pun intended, keen to lighten the mood as we know you’re all bound to be distraught). However Dane did have the following wise words to share on his Instagram about the incident:

“Either u get blown out and u feel so rad and proud and stoked, or u get an elevator drop to the reef and bruise your tailbone and crack a vertebrae… such a fine line that defines your future when you take a wave at pipe! iI got absolutely dominated last week”

We’ll update with more info as we get it.

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